Monero Observer – Monero Observer Blitz #3

Monero Observer – Monero Observer Blitz #3

October 15, 2022 by secret
1 Nov 2021 [blitz] Here’s a recap of what happened this October in the Monero community: UkoeHB’s Seraphis PoC CCS proposal was fully funded (1) binarybaron’s CCS proposal to build a XMR-BTC atomic swap desktop GUI prototype was fully funded (2) plowsof has completed the first ever bounty on alternative CCS platform Monero Bounties (3)

1 Nov 2021


Here’s a recap of what happened this October in the Monero community:

  • UkoeHB’s Seraphis PoC CCS proposal was fully funded (1)
  • binarybaron’s CCS proposal to build a XMR-BTC atomic swap desktop GUI prototype was fully funded (2)
  • plowsof has completed the first ever bounty on alternative CCS platform Monero Bounties (3)
  • The Monero community has reached soft consensus to deprecate timelocks (4)
  • Upcoming MoneroMarket project was openly criticized by the community (5)
  • The Monero Development Workgroup held a meeting on 17 October 2021 (6)
  • XMR-only White House Market admin has announced their voluntary retirement on Dread (7)
  • selsta was appointed Vulnerability Response Team reviewer by Monero Core and HackerOne (8)
  • moneromooo has shared his latest CCS progress report (9)
  • Monero Talk interviewed Chris Blec from Defi Watch (10)
  • Willing_Astronaut430 has tracked a BCH transaction in under 12 hours and collected an XMR bounty (11)
  • Distinct_War_353 was looking to trade XMR for US Amazon gift cards (12)
  • Guarda Wallet published a Monero video AMA with Seth (13)
  • Litesh Gumber has submitted a CCS proposal to create a video for the Monero Anthem song (14)
  • netrik182 got his CCS proposal funded to substitute ErCiccione as the new Monero Localization Workgroup coordinator (15)
  • QuickBASIC’s P2Pool post was deployed to blog (16)
  • Justin Ehrenhofer has proposed a bounty for redesigning the Monero Means Money website (17)
  • Monero Core team has returned user funds that were accidentally sent to Monero’s General Fund address (18)
  • Monero Matteo discussed the importance of Monero in an interview with Kevin Wad (19)
  • selsta will work 3 more months on Monero development after his CCS proposal was fully funded (20)
  • COMIT has released version 0.9.0 of their XMR-BTC atomic swap tool (21)
  • mjxmr has submitted his September 2021 Monero dev report (22)
  • Douglas Tuman and sunchakr discussed XMR price action with crypto analyst _Bullandbear in Monerotopia session (23)
  • tabletoe was looking to pay XMR for network security tips (24)
  • ErCiccione’s CCS proposal for 3 more months of work on website was fully funded (25)
  • There were 3 Monero Research Lab meetings this month (26,27,28)
  • Haveno was looking for an experienced developer to lead the UI team (29)
  • Bitrequest dev was seeking community assistance to review the code base of his XMR-supporting app (30)
  • The XMR Community Art Fund held a livestream to demonstrate Twitch livestream Monero donations notifications (31)
  • Justin Ehrenhofer has joined Cake Wallet as VP of Operations (32)
  • Cake Wallet was looking to hire an experienced Flutter developer (33)
  • The Monero Outreach Workgroup has put up bounty for a Monero Patents Portuguese (Brazilian) translation reviewer (34)
  • There was a Monero Space Meeting on 16 October 2021 (35)
  • v1docq47 has posted 2 CCS progress reports for August-October 2021 (36, 37)
  • xmrSale dev has shared a Monero WooCommerce plugin demo store (38)
  • Isabella has proposed a bounty for Odysee to support XMR tipping on their website (39)
  • yorha-0x has won a bounty for developing a file server app that accepts XMR payments for downloads (40)
  • j-berman has proposed a wallet-side binning proof-of-concept for the decoy selection algorithm (41)
  • Kevin Wad has interviewed Monero artist and contributor Crypt0-bear (42)
  • MoneroMerch was looking for graphic designers for their store items (43)
  • Douglas Tuman has interviewed public speaker Timothy Picciott from The Liberty Advisor (44)
  • Justin Berman has published his third CCS progress report (45)
  • MarilynMonero21 has invited the community to a pumpkin Monero carving contest (46)
  • COMIT has published the 0.10.0-alpha pre-release of their XMR-BTC atomic swap implementation (47)
  • Justin Ehrenhofer and Vik Sharma joined Douglas Tuman and sunchakr in Monerotopia Ep.35 (48)
  • Easymonero crypto exchange was looking for Monero community feedback (49)
  • Haveno posted a $400 bounty for a Tor v3 implementation across the platform (50)
  • CCS proposal was fully funded (51)
  • P2Pool v1.2 was released (52)
  • There were 2 Monero Policy Working Group meetings this month (53, 54)
  • pluja raised Monero awareness with his new project (55)
  • binarybaron asked the Monero community to name his XMR-BTC atomic swap app (56)
  • Difficult-Outside350 has shared a BTC-XMR atomic swap guide (57)
  • Douglas Tuman has interviewed Ethan Lou on Monero Talk (58)
  • mjxmr has submitted a CCS proposal to work on Monero Core in Q4 2021 (59)
  • hashes4merkle has submitted an english transcription for Monero Konferenco 2019’s Dual Outputs: Enabling Payment-Channel Networks in Monero video (60)
  • Kevin Wad urged the Monero community to withdraw XMR from CEXs (61)
  • Controversial website has added a Monero section (62)
  • 86barone was looking to sell his 2002 Suzuki SV650 sport bike for XMR (63)
  • Howard Chu and XMRscott joined Justin Ehrenhofer in Monero Meet livestream session (64)
  • XMRig miner malware was discovered in hijacked versions of popular ua-parser-js npm library (65)
  • CryptoGrampy proposed an Android XMRig GUI miner app bounty (66)
  • Monerujo dev Andres joined Douglas Tuman in Monerotopia Ep.36 (67)
  • sikieg has shared some Monero-themed Twitter headers with the community (68)
  • Elijah Lopez has published an essay entitled Why Monero is the best cryptocurrency (69)
  • The Monero Policy Working Group scheduled their next meeting for 2 November 2021 (70)
  • Monero Talk interviewed Seraphis dev Koe (71)
  • The Monero community has been looking for a suitable name for the upcoming v0.18 Fluorine release (72)
  • 8-buffalo posted a short guide to automate XMRig boot using tmux (73)
  • coinstudent2048 shared a series of elliptic curve cryptography tutorials for beginners (74)
  • Gabriel has been offering a privacy focused psychological counseling service for Monero (75)
  • LinuxHeki has released XMRiGUI version 1.3 (76)
  • Monerujo v2.1.2 Vertant release fixed the sideshifting bug (77)
  • P2Pool v1.3 was released with latest monerod and faster block verification (78)
  • Kevin Wad explained Monero’s role in keynesian economics models video (79)
  • P2Pool hashrate has tripled to 150Mh/s within 24 hours after v1.3 release (80)
  • xmrvsbeast proposed a 10 XMR bounty for a video tutorial explaining P2Pool setup on Windows (81)
  • Feather Wallet has released v1.0.0 and is out of Beta after 1.5 years of development (82)
  • Haveno has allocated $4.2K in XMR bounties to API development (83)
  • Monero Matteo and Kevin Wad were invited to join Monerotopia Episode 37 (84)
  • Proposal to significantly decrease wallet sync times was fueled by community bounty (85)
  • The MRL has scheduled their next meeting for 3 November 2021 (86)
  • Monerotopia Miami 2022 event date was set to April 7th (87)
  • Erciccione has echoed community complaints over Monero Matrix-IRC bridge stability (88)
  • Monerujo’s m2049r has announced the Nifty Gunthers NFT rewards for contributors (89)
  • xmrvsbeast has announced a HR boost system for low hash P2Pool miners (90)

My contributions:

  • published the weekly Monero Observer XMR TA reports (Weeks: 39/40/41/42) (91)
  • created Ultimate guide for new Monero contributors (92)
  • redesigned Monero Means Money website and donated the bounty to GF/other bounties (93)
  • published 115 Monero Observer reports; list of updates and improvements can be viewed on the Changelog page (94)

That’s it for the 3rd edition of Monero Observer Blitz.

Previous editions can be found on the /tag/blitz page.

Let me know if this was helpful to you and thanks for reading!


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